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Call for papers KM4LAW 2024


We welcome contributions on digital justice and digital law, as well as modeling and conceptualization features. Potential topics and areas to be addressed in the workshop are:

  • Natural language processing techniques and systems for legal documents
  • Identification of legal semantic roles and extraction of named entities
  • Application, design, evaluation and impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) in the legal domain
  • Automated knowledge extraction from legal text corpora
  • Experimental results using and adapting NLP methods for legal data
  • Information retrieval and multimedia search for legal documents
  • Process mining for legal compliance
  • Mining legal event logs for process discovery 
  • Predictive process monitoring on legal cases
  • Multilingual alignments, retrieval, extraction and analysis of legal sources
  • Linked data and knowledge graphs in the legal domain
  • Classification or clustering of law
  • Domain-Specific Visual Modeling Language (DSVML) and law
  • Legal ontologies, visual law, legal design, and correlated themes
  • (Multilingual) Thesauri, vocabularies, and taxonomies in the legal area
  • Entity Recognition and Disambiguation
  • Training and Using Embeddings for legal text
  • Computational models of argumentation for legal data
  • Knowledge Base Population
  • Question Answering
  • Dialogue and Discourse Analysis
  • Query Understanding
  • Link Analysis, Relation and Event Extraction
  • Combining Legal Text with Structured Data
  • Legal Text Summarization and Generation
  • Emerging applications in legal data & knowledge engineering